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Brave & Bearded - Lemon and Lavender Shaving Oil |1 oz|

$ 24.00

The Brave & Bearded lemon and lavender shaving oil will allow you to obtain a calming effect and a rich beard as you deserve it. The oil is composed of lavender because it acts as an effective sedative and will Relax muscles. It will allow you to shave your beard safely. The shaving oil is also made of lemon essence, which is an effective antiseptic and also a natural antibacterial. It will give you great benefits, not only for your beard but also for your skin. Besides Making you feel good, it has an amazing smell. The shaving oil is transparent, which will enable you to shave your beard to perfection and with the style you desire, All that in the comfort of your bathroom. You can also use as a pre-shaving oil. The Brave & Bearded shaving oil will offer you a fabulous shaving experience and your beard will thank you for it!

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