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Devacurl - Towel

$ 26.99

DEVACURL Towel is the dream towel for your curls! The smooth, microfiber texture dries your curls while enhancing your curl shape without roughing them up. 

  • Anti-microbial to keep the towel fresh and clean
  • Anti-static for curls that stay put
  • Hypo-allergenic for worry-free drying
  • 2x bigger size to luxuriously dry your curls (20"x39")
  • Easy storage with a hanging loop
  • Extra soft to make you feel pampered
  • High quality lint-free and fade resistant fabric
  • Perfectly absorbent to keep your curls hydrated


    Wrap around wet hair to absorb water. Take off and scrunch curls with towel to begin forming curls.

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