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Professional By Fama - Wondher - 20 for You Multifunctional Spray |5 oz|

$ 28.99

A functional treatment with multiple effects: 20 actions in one care product to beautify all hair types. 20 FOR YOU is as effective as a mask, as practical as a hairspray, and as easy to use. Thanks to its advanced active ingredients, it guarantees immediate and visible results. No rinsing required.


  1. Helps repair damaged hair.
  2. Deeply nourishes.
  3. Detangles the hair.
  4. Helps moisturize dry hair.
  5. Conditions without weighing down.
  6. Prevents split ends.
  7. Performs an antioxidant action.
  8. Protects from heat.
  9. Gives softness and silkiness.
  10. Smoothes the cuticle.
  11. Eliminates the frizz effect.
  12. Gives body and volume.
  13. Enhances shine.
  14. Prolongs the duration of the styling.
  15. Allows faster drying.
  16. Facilitates the use of flat and curling iron.
  17. Improves color retention.
  18. Quick to use.
  19. Relaxing aroma.
  20. Ensures an antistatic action.

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