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Purify Plus Leave-In Cond. Treatment - 207ml/7oz

$ 13.50

Purify Plus Leave-In Conditioning Treatment neutralizes chlorine and trace minerals, which steal hair’s hydration, vibrancy, shine and softness. Infused with our Krystal Water Complex, it neutralizes everyday tap water and levels the playing field.

Infused with Keratin to rebuild and strengthen your strands, Purify Plus Leave-In Conditioner miraculously puts the brakes on breakage and dulling damage. Safe for all hair types, it re-energizes, softens and brings back that shine, preserves precious hair color and vibrancy. And a delicate PH balance means cuticles are closed, leaving hair super smooth to the touch.

It’s everything desperate, damaged hair yearns for: neutralizer, protectant, treatment and sealer, in just a few precious drops.

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