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R+CO - Control Flexible Paste |22 oz|

by R+CO
$ 34.00

Because we all have a little control freak inside of us, CONTROL Flexible Paste. Gives hair a semi-matte finish with a natural feel.

Good for: Styles that hold tight but never feel stiff.

How to: Start with a small amount and apply evenly through lightly damp or dry hair, then style. Apply more for increased hold.

Fragrance: Relative Paradise - A bright earthy composition Sicilian Lemon • Tangerine • Eucalyptus • Green Tea • Tree Moss • Crisp Amber

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract: Nutrient rich plant derivative
that penetrates the hair shaft to deliver ultimate conditioning benefits.
Adds strength and luster to hair. Helps hair retain moisture.

Passion Flower Extract: Rich in vital nutrients, vitamins and
minerals which promote healthy hair and scalp.

Mango Fruit Extract: Rich in vitamins and anti oxidants. Softens and
smoothes hair.

Ginger Root Extract: Softens and adds shine to hair.

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