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Schwarzkopf Osis+ Wind Touch - Volumising Light Paste 150ml

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While maintaining a natural appearance and feel, this paste adds volume and body to the hair. The flexible hold of OSiS Wind Touch enables wind-blown looks to be remodeled throughout the day. This styling paste adds volume and is especially suitable for mid-length hair. The formula is based on the Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Wind Touch Volumizing Paste Light Control. A cocktail of waxes and a flexible polymer ensures that this paste provides the flexibility of cream while offering the ease of a paste. The volumizing flexible hair styling product will get rid of flat, crunchy hair. This molding paste will boost your hair's shine while providing a voluminous style without leaving a crunchy or dry feeling. Use it to style your hair in a natural or lightly stylized manner.

OSIS+ Wind Touch Volumizing Paste is a light hold paste that has the remoldability of a cream. For volume elevation and flexibility, it can be blown or air-dried. With a cocktail of waxes and a flexible polymer, it is perfect for short to medium hair lengths. Schwartzkopf Wind Touch Volumizing Paste is a volumizing paste that holds with a light hold. Even hair that's long got a lot of volume. The volume paste can be kneaded through the hair to create a subtle texture. It creates a voluminous appearance. Hair of any length works well with the paste. With Schwartzkopf Wind Touch Volumizing Paste, you will get volume, texture, and shine.

Boost your hair volume with this re-moldable paste
Blends waxes & flexible polymers
A lightweight, remoldable texture that does not weigh hair down
Provides a light, pliable grip
Provides a natural appearance and feel
For hair that is short to medium in length

How To Use:

After applying this to damp hair, blow-dry or air-dry it while styling with your fingers. You may also use this on dry hair.

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